Yellow TypewriterWrite Today is the place to visit if you’ve got a pen in your hand, a laptop on the coffee table and a head full of ideas. We are here to be the one-stop shop for all your writerly needs, whether you want to write for the screen, stage, Internet or the page. There is a lot of information floating around out there, so we’re aiming to grab hold of it and lock it down for you to come and visit and get what you need.

As an extra bonus for you finding us, we also seek out the UK’s best opportunities for writers and post them here: Whether that be short story and poetry competitions, workshops, Q&A’s or various other writers’ events.  We want writers to know that there are great opportunities out there just waiting to be found and taken advantage of.

Every writer knows that nothing is handed to them on a plate; you have to learn your craft and get out there. Write Today is here to help you to be ready for that step, with lots of great articles giving great advice on all forms and genres of writing. Every writer has their own story, and Write Today aims to help you tell it. Check out our opportunities page for other sites that offer writers great advice and opportunities to get their work out into the world. Aren’t we nice to our fellow scribblers?

Take a look around and see if your writing niche is catered for, and feel free to get in contact with us. We always like to hear what’s good in the world of writing, whether you’d like to recommend a book, film, stage or radio play to us, we’re all ears.

Happy writing, people!

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